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Animal figurines

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Each carving is hand-carved by ourselves and each one is unique. The product you received is the same as the one in the link. We accept to make the custom orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
AAA Turquoise Gemstone Hand Carved Horse Sculpture, Turquoise Gemstone Horse Carved Ornament, 58x47x26mm,68.5g Sale
AAA Turquoise Gemstone Horse Carved Ornament, Animal Gemstone Decoration, 55x42x20mm, 35.4g Sale
Shining Labradorite Hand-Carved fish Cabochon 55x41x9mm,20.2g A550 Sale
Red Agate hand engraving animal&leaf Cabochon, Figurine 57x38x16mm,23.8g A334 Sale
New Design! Red Agate Gemstone Carved frog Cabochons 20x20x11mm,7.3gA669 Sale
New Design! Red Agate Gemstone Carved Fog Cabochons 35x22x15mm,12.3gA663 Sale
New Design! Red Agate Gemstone Carved Fog Cabochons 29x19x13mm,7.9gA662 Sale
New Design! Red Agate Gemstone Carved animal Cabochons 22x15x10mm,5.3gE439 Sale
New Arrival !!Lapis Lazuli Hand-Carved frog Cabochon,48x29x19mm,26.4g A596 Sale
Red Agate Carved Frog Cabochon ,26x17x7mm,6.4g A665 Sale
Natural Chrysoprase hand cutting frog Cabochon charms Gems32x28x11mm,15.2g E632 Sale
Howlite hand cutting tortoise unique Cabochon, 37x37x23mm,35.8g Sale
Hot Sale,Natural Labradorite Carved animal Cabochon,47x27x14mm,16.2g E263 Sale
High Quality Labradorite Carved Wolf Cabochon 45x38x11mm,24.1g A365 Sale
Carved Flashy Labradorite Running Wolf Cabochon 56x17x9mm,9.6g A489 Sale
AAA Labradorite hand Engraving animal Cabochon for jewelry making44x37x7mm22.7g Sale
Handmade Carved Turquoise frog Cabochon, Animal Gemstone Decoration, 17x15x11mm, 2.2g Sale
Carved Labradorite Bird Gemstone Cabochon,66x47x25mm, 76.9g Sale
Sold out! Carved Labradorite Bird Gemstone Cabochon,60x56x25mm, 78.1g Sale
Handmade Lemon Jade Gemstone snake Carved Ornament, 68x40x17mm, 48.3g Sale
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