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Carved animal pendants

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We have many years of experience in Carved gemstone animals. Hand carved pendant, such as many kinds of animals, flowers and so on. Provide custom-made service.
Red Agate Hand Carved Unique animals Pendants, dolphins, wolf and fish Sale
Amazonite gemstone Carved bear drilled Pendant Sale
$15.80 $20.80
Natural Chrysoprase Carved Lizard Pendant,43x29x20mm, 21.1g Sale
Natural Labradorite Gemstone Pendant Bead, 32x14mm, 8.6g Sale
Handmade Labradorite Butterfly Pendant, Animal Carving, 42x27x7mm, 12.9g Sale
Red River Jasper Carved Gemstone Pendant, 47x15x4mm, 4.5g Sale
Red River Jasper Carved Monkey Gemstone Pendant, 32x26x9mm, 14.4g Sale
Carved Obsidian Horse Head Cabochon, Animal Jewelry Making, 43x41x7mm, 19.7g Sale
Handmade Carved Ruby And Zoisite Horse Cabochon, 42x33x8mm, 17.6g Sale
Carved tiger eye Horse Head Pendant, Animal Necklace,35x27x10mm, 17.8g Sale
Handmade Mookaite Jasper Carved hippocampus Pendant Bead, 45x19x6mm, 5.5g Sale
Natural Labradorite Carving Pendant, 41x17x5mm, 3.9g Sale
Handmade Labradorite Butterfly Pendant, Animal Carving, 25x16x5mm, 2.6g Sale
Handmade Rose Quartz Butterfly Pendant, Animal Carving, 25x20x5mm, 3.4g Sale
Carved Ocean Jasper Gemstone Starfish Pendant Bead, 33x7mm, 7.4g Sale
Carved Red River Jasper Gemstone Starfish Pendant Bead, 25x23x7mm, 4.8g Sale
Carved Natural Mookaite Jasper Gemstone Indian Head Pendant, 41x37x7mm, 15.1g Sale
Amazonite Carved fish Pendant Bead, 35x26x4mm, 5.6g Sale
Carved Wolf head Mookaite Jasper Gemstone Pendant, 35x26x11mm, 9.8g Sale
New!! Carved Lapis Lazuli Frog Pendant,Necklace Pendant,38x20x20mm,21g Sale
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