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Other stone pendant beads

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Some special shape semi precious gemstone pendant beads for pendants or necklaces making.
Natural crystal Gemstone Pendant Bead, 30x24x12mm, 10g Sale
Natural pyrite Gemstone Pendant ,Natural Stone Jewelry, 32x24x8mm, 17.1g Sale
Red River Jasper, Blue Apatite Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow opal, Obsidian and Shell Intarsia Animal Pendant Bead, 30x18x2mm, 1.3g Sale
Natural Stone Multi-Color Picasso Jasper Earring Pair 53x12x6mm,33x11x6mm,8.3g Sale
$10.50 $13.50
Natural Stone Multi-Color Picasso Jasper Earring Pair 53x10x5mm,32x10x6mm,6.9g Sale
$9.90 $12.00
New Arrival Natural Ammonite Fossil Gemstone Pendant Bead,37x31x12mm,19.8g Sale
$20.00 $25.00
Hand Carved Amazonite Gemstone Leaf Pendant ,38x25x5mm, 5.9g Sale
5 Pcs Malachite, Blue Kyanite, Arborization Opal, Nephrite Jade And Lapis Lazuli Intarsia Pendant Beads Set, 47x15x2mm, 41x10x4mm,17.5g Sale
New,Zircon Faceted Pendant Bead, 22x16x6mm,3.7g Sale
Natural Pyrite Drilled Pendant Bead, 43x34x4mm, 13.3g Sale
Ammonite Fossil Gemstone Pendant ,Natural Stone Jewelry,31x26x11mm,12.7g Sale
5 Pcs Natural Multi-Color Picasso jasper and green opal Gemstone Pendant Bead, 39x15x6mm, 36x15x4mm,22.4g Sale
Green Aventurine Gemstone Pendant Bead, 37x30x8mm, 14.4g Sale
Natural Sunstone Gemstone Pendant Bead, 47x6mm, 3.3g Sale
Natural Fluorite Gemstone Pendant Bead, 40x8mm, 4.6g Sale
Natural Ammonite Fossil Gemstone Pendant Bead, 33x29x12mm, 15.6g Sale
Natural Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Bead,18x9x4mm,18x12x4mm,4.1g Sale
$18.80 $23.80
Natural commonite Gemstone Pendant 37x31x11mm,18.1g Sale
7 Pcs larimar Pendant Beads Set,35x32x25mm,19x16x15mm,106.7g Sale
$69.00 $72.00
Natural Ammonite Fossil Pendant Bead,26x22x10mm,7.7g Sale
$15.00 $18.00
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