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4-10mm Round Gemstone Cabochon, Wholesale 1 Piece Tiny Polished Flatback Cabochon Sale
Customized Long Dangle Earrings,56x4mm, 5g Sale
New design! Handmade Obsidian,Orange Agate,Amazonite Intarsia Gemstone Earrings,Tribal style resort earrings,65x26x4mm, 14.5g Sale
New design! Handmade Indonesian Fossil Coral,Orange Agate,Amazonite Intarsia Gemstone Earrings,Tribal style resort earrings,70x39x4mm, 18.9g Sale
M.O.P and Obsidian Intarsia Gemstone Earrings Bead Sale
Wholesale 1 pc Natural Amethyst Oval purple Flatback Gemstone Cabochon, 30x20x7mm, 25x18x6.5mm Sale
Red Agate Hand Carved Unique animals Pendants, dolphins, wolf and fish Sale
Wholesale 6pcs Teardrop Labradorite flatback cabochons for jewelry making, 10mm 12mm 13mm 15mm Sale
$6.00 $10.00
Wholesale Oval Labradorite flatback cabochons for jewelry making,10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm Sale
$6.00 $10.00
Gemstones, Hematite and Obsidian Intarsia Elongated Rectangle Earrings Beads,  38x5x5mm, 4.4-5.5g Sale
$15.80 $22.80
Amazonite gemstone Carved bear drilled Pendant Sale
$15.80 $20.80
Green Opal Drilled Teardrop stone Earrings Beads, 33x19x4mm, 6.9-7.6g Sale
Multi-Color Picasso Jasper long oval Earrings Beads, 41x11x5mm, 6.5-7.1g Sale
4 kinds of color, cymophane Drilled Round Earrings Bead, 40x40x8mm, hole 12mm, 32.3-35.7g Sale
Wholesale carved earrings pair, Pink Conch Shell Carved Flower and Starfish Sale
The order Carved Wolf Head, wings Pendant, Leaf Earrings Sale
Natural Gemstone Rainbow Labradorite Oval Cabochon Pair For Gothic Ring, 19x11x3mm, 2.5g Sale
New Arrival Gemstone Jewelry White Quartz Earrings Beads For DIY Present, 31x15x5mm, 9.5g Sale
Bottle Opalite Gemstone Carvings For Making Long Earrings, 40x19x4mm, 7.1g Sale
New Gemstone Carved Earrings Angle Opalite Earring Beads for Jewelry, 40x21.5x5mm, 10.7g Sale
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